Dried Mushroom

  • Daddy Long Legs Magic Mushrooms


    Daddy Long Legs Magic Mushrooms is a Psilocybe Cubensis strain made popular in British Columbia. Its name describes how skinny and long these mushrooms are like the spiders they are named after, they typically have small caps and long stems. We believe this strain is a descendent of the popular Golden Teachers strain.

    Our staff report that this strain provides a very classical shrooms experience, a good balance of spiritual feelings and euphoria. When enjoyed with others this strain will lead to lots of laughs and feelings of unity. Depending on the person and dosage it may provide a body high as well.

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  • Golden Teachers Magic Mushrooms


    Golden Teachers Magic Mushrooms are of the most popular and common strains of magic mushrooms. It’s a favourite amongst psychonauts around the world for its profound psychedelic journey. They are best known for their shamanistic properties, or spiritual effects rather than solely “tripping”, and moderate levels of psilocybin and psilocin. The shining golden caps and wise teachings give this mushroom it’s rightful name.

    Consuming Golden Teacher shrooms will give a feeling of enlightenment, they will help you connect with nature. Amazing ability to heal the mind and spirit. These psychedelic magic mushrooms are for both beginners and veterans.

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  • Huautla Magic Mushrooms


    Huautla Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Huautla) hold a significant place in the mushroom world because Huautla de Jimenez, a small village in Oxaca state, Mexico is where Gordon R. Wasson was the first westerner to try Psilocybe mushrooms with Maria Sabina in a traditional indigenous ceremony. After this experience Gordon R. Wasson wrote about his experience and shared his experience in the May 1957 edition of Life magazine, titled; “Seeking the Magic Mushroom”. This worldly introduction created much hype and curiosity from the western world about what we know and refer to as magic mushrooms today.

    Although magic mushrooms were introduced to the western world in 1957, the Huautla strain was collected in July of 2001 by an online alias known as Club99. He or she collected the samples of Huautla shrooms growing on grass in the pasture land. Surprisingly it was not growing on dung as with other typical mushrooms.

    The Huautla can be characterized by tall and skinny. It also has a uniquely shaped cap which tends to be a little pointy. The strain has been domesticated since being collected by Club99 in 2001. This strain has become known as a fast fruiter, creating smaller fruits but large in quantity.

    The experience of taking Huautla is very spiritual and eye-opening. Given its historic roots, expect shamanic experiences out of this world. The potency is average to slightly above average but your experience will depend on your set and setting ultimately. If you want to explore within your mind and experience profound change, this strain will do its job.

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  • Mazatapec Magic Mushrooms


    Mazatapec Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Mazatapec Mexicana) is one of the first Psilocybin Mushrooms introduced to the Western world along with P. Cubensis Huatla. This scared and spiritual mushroom strain was first picked from the Mazatapec, an area few hours south of Mexico City, Mexico. These shrooms were first used by the Mazatec indigenous people. The Mazatec have a long tradition of using magic mushrooms for their spiritual healing.

    This strain can be considered one of the original strains which inspired the western world to explore the spiritual and magical healing properties of magic mushrooms.

    The Mazatapec strain is characterized by light to dark brown caps and medium stem. They are known to be a slow in colonization and fruiting. Expect a very spiritual experience with deep insights into yourself and the universe. Our staff reported feelings of joy, fun and euphoria during their spiritual sessions. This strain can be enjoyed by beginners and veterans

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  • Melmac (Homestead Penis Envy) Magic Mushrooms


    Melmac Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Melmac), also referred to as Homestead Penis Envy is a variant of the famous Penis Envy strain discovered and developed by Terrence McKenna and Steven Pollock two of the great early psychonauts. Over the years many mycologists worked with the original Penis Envy strain to develop their own. Homestead is a name of a spore vendor located in the Pacific Northwest. It was very active in the 80s but they have since disappeared from the underground mushroom scene. We can only predict that the name Melmac was given by Homestead in reference to a fictional planet and home to alien life from a sitcom called ALF which aired from 1986 to 1990.

    What sets the Melmac shrooms apart from the original Penis Envy strain is that the shape of stems and caps are alien-looking. The stems tend to have a tendency to look more deformed and the caps have wavy edges. The colours are very similar to its Penis Envy parents, stems are nearly colourless and caps tend to be light to dark golden caramel.

    The Melmac is known to have high potency. We do not recommend this strain for first-timers. This is a strain for experienced users as potency is at the level of Penis Envy which can be sometimes more than double of most strains. Depending on your setting you can expect deep shamanic and spiritual experience. Because of its high potency ego-loss may also be something you might face.

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  • Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms


    Penis Envy is one of the most rare and sought after Psilocybe Cubensis amongst hardcore psychonauts. Its name describes it’s physical form; thick shaft and a bulbous head that doesn’t quite spread wide open.

    The Penis Envy strain of magic mushrooms are known to be one of the strongest and hard hitting. Expect deep shamanic experiences, vision quests and an intense mystical experience. Not recommended for first time users. This strain is special and expect a transformative experience.

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Buy Psilocybin Mushrooms Online In Massachusetts USA

Psilocybin mushrooms are a type of fungi that contain the psychoactive compound called psilocybin. These mushrooms are known for their mind-altering effects and have been used for centuries in traditional medicine and spiritual practices. However, buying psilocybin mushrooms in massachusetts United States is illegal and can be risky. As a result, many people are turning to online sources to purchase these mushrooms discreetly and safely.

How To Buy Psilocybin Mushrooms Online in Somerville USA

When looking to buy psilocybin mushrooms online in the Somerville Massachusetts, the first step is to find a reputable and reliable vendor. Since it is illegal to sell psilocybin mushrooms in the Massachusetts, many online vendors operate in a grey area. This means that there are many fraudulent websites out there who prey on those looking to buy psilocybin mushrooms. purchase psilocybin magic mushroom online in Somerville Massachusetts US

Best Magic Mushroom Vendor in Northampton USA

Once a reputable vendor has been found, the next step is to choose the specific strain of psilocybin mushroom to buy. Different strains of mushrooms can produce different effects, so it is important to choose one that suits individual needs and preferences. Some strains may be more potent than others, while others may have a milder or more euphoric effect.buy magic mushroom online in Northampton Massachusetts

Buy Magic Mushrooms Strains For Depression in Massachusetts

After selecting a strain, the buyer will need to consider the dosage and method of consumption. Psilocybin mushrooms can cause intense visual and auditory hallucinations, so it is important to start with a small dose and gradually increase as tolerance builds. The most common methods of consumption include eating the mushrooms directly, brewing them in tea, or mixing them into food.

While buying psilocybin mushrooms online in Massachusetts USA may be a convenient way to obtain them, it is important to remember that there are risks involved. Psychedelics can have powerful effects on the mind and should be approached with caution. It is important to always use a reputable and trusted vendor, start with a small dose, and never consume psilocybin mushrooms alone.

In conclusion, the online market for psilocybin mushrooms is growing rapidly in the USA as more people seek to explore the therapeutic and spiritual benefits of these powerful fungi. However, it is important to approach buying these mushrooms with caution, ensuring to conduct thorough research, only buy from reputable sources, start with a small dosage, and never consume alone. When done safely, the experience of consuming psilocybin mushrooms can be a rewarding and transformative journey.

 Psilocybin is a naturally occurring psychedelic molecule found in certain species of mushrooms. It has been used for thousands of years in spiritual and religious ceremonies and more recently in clinical studies to treat various mental health conditions. However, dosing psilocybin must be done carefully to avoid potential risks and negative side effects.

The recommended dose for psilocybin in a therapeutic setting is typically between 10-30mg, although some studies have used higher doses up to 50mg. However, the proper dose will vary depending on the individual’s weight, age, overall health, and previous experience with psychedelics.

When taking psilocybin, it is crucial to ensure that the mushrooms are properly identified and sourced from a trusted supplier. Dosage can also vary depending on the type of mushroom and the method of ingestion. Typically, psilocybin is dried and smoked, brewed into a tea, or ingested in capsule form.

Dosage is not the only factor to consider when taking psilocybin. The mindset and setting of the user can also greatly impact the experience. It is important to approach psilocybin use with intention and in a safe and comfortable environment. The use of a guide, trained therapist, or trusted friend can also provide support and help ensure a positive experience.


  • Be Youthful (Booster) Mushroom Supplement Capsules


    Be Mushrooms comes in “Core” and 4 different “Boosters”. The Core product “Be Yourself” contains psilocybin that we’ve all come to love. Although psilocybin has large profound effects, Be Mushrooms developed “Boosters” to take advantage of Earth’s most beneficial nootropics. Each booster contains various adaptogens that have their own unique properties that synergizes well with one another. Be Yourself and Be Boosters can be taken individually or stacked together depending on your goals.

    We can all use the help of tremella, nature’s beauty mushroom. Packed full of antioxidants and vitamin D, this mushroom helps build new skin cells while also repairing and preventing premature skin aging. Tremella is known for its hydrating abilities keeping your skin plump and smooth. Alongside turkey tail and shiitake for all 8 essential amino acids and fatty acids, Be Youthful will have your skin glowing from the inside out.

    Recommended Use: To promote a healthy, radiant complexion, and enhance the youthful appearance of skin.

    Each glass bottle contains 50 capsules. Each capsule is 500mg and contains:

    • 200mg Tremella
    • 125mg Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor)
    • 125mg Shiitake (Lentinula edodes)
    • 50mg Organic Ginger


    Be mushrooms is 100% made in Canada, Organic, Vegan and Non GMO

    Although Psilocybin (the active ingredient in magic mushrooms) has large profound effects, Be “Boosters” were formulated to supercharge your wellness even further and introduce some of earth’s most beneficial nootropics. These mushrooms have been used for centuries in different parts of the world and have been scientifically proven to offer a wide host of benefits. Each of the various adaptogens have their own unique properties that synergizes well with one another. Be Yourself and Be Boosters are formulated so they can be taken individually or stacked together depending on your goals

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  • Brain Capsules (50mg-200mg)


      Lineage: North America

      Starting Dose: Take 1 cap

      Onset Time: 30 mins

      Duration: 2-3 hrs

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  • Chill Capsules (50mg-200mg)


      Lineage: North America

      Starting Dose: Take 1 cap

      Onset Time: 30 mins

      Duration: 2-4 hrs

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  • Health Capsules (50mg-200mg)


    Buy Magic Mushrooms Online and Ship Anywhere Microdosing: Buy Magic Mushrooms Online and Ship Anywhere Benefits may include increased consciousness, creativity, and decreased social anxiety. Promotes an overall feeling of wellbeing and connectedness. Potency: A blend of Psilocybe Cubensis and other organic supplements. 30 capsules. 50mg/200mg Psilocybin per capsule. Total 1500mg/6000mg per bottle. buy mushrooms Ann Arbor Effects: …

    Health Capsules (50mg-200mg)Read More

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  • Neuro Botanicals (Energy) Microdose Mushroom Capsules


    Get a competitive edge naturally with Neuro Botanicals‘ Energy blend. Research supported doses of Cordyceps, Panax Ginseng, Ginger and Golden Teacher mushrooms work together to boost stamina while improving vitality and overall physical performance.

    Each capsule contains 50mg of Golden Teacher magic mushrooms. The perfect amount for those new to psilocybin micro-dosing and wanting to take a mellow approach. Enjoy an energy boost and increased physical performance with this natural formula from Neuro Botanicals. There’s 30 capsules in each container.

    Ingredients: Golden Teacher (Psilocybe cubensis), Cordyceps, Ginseng (Panax ginseng), and Ginger (Zingiber officinale)

    Directions: Take 1 – 2 capsules as needed with meals. 1 hour away from other medications, supplements or caffeine.

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  • Spore Wellness (Energy) Microdosing Mushroom Capsules


    Spore Wellness Energy (SWEN) is a blend of Golden Teacher (psilocybe cubensis), Cordyceps (cordyceps militaris), Rhodiola (rhodiola rosea), and Organic Ginger. Our unique formula is non-intoxicating and will improve energy and stamina. Each bottle of SWEN contains 25 capsules which are vegan and gluten free.

    Cordyceps (cordyceps militaris) is a mushroom known for increasing energy levels and increase stamina. It also has an amazing ability to fight free radicals. Traditionally cordyceps has been used to treat asthma, coughs and bronchitis. Cordyceps can assist with liver function and detoxification, in turn helping digestion, cholesterol levels and overall cardiovascular health.

    Rhodiola (rhodiola rosea) is a plant that grows naturally in the wild Arctic regions of Europe, Asia and North America. It’s roots have been used for generations in Russia and Scandinavian countries to cope with the cold and stressful life. It is used to increase physical endurance and resistance to high-altitude sickness.

    Each bottle of SWEN contains 25 capsules (500mg per capsule). Vegan and gluten free.

    Recommended Use: Promotes & supports daily energy levels.

    Benefits of Microdosing: Non-psychoactive,  Improved mood, Increased creativity, Improved focus, Improved energy, Improved memory, and Self-efficacy.

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Psilocybin Mushrooms Online Cambridge USA Legal

When buying psilocybin mushrooms online, it is important to take precautions to ensure the safety of the shipment. Since these mushrooms are illegal in the USA, they are typically shipped discreetly and may be disguised as a different product to avoid detection. Always use a trusted delivery service as we do and ensure that no personal information is shared during the transaction.

While psilocybin has shown promise in the treatment of various mental health conditions, there are potential risks to consider. Possible negative side effects can include anxiety, paranoia, and panic attacks. It is important to be aware of these risks and to have a plan in place for how to handle them if they arise.

Overall, proper dosing of psilocybin is of utmost importance to ensure a safe and effective experience. Consulting with a trained professional, starting with a low dose, and ensuring a safe environment can all help ensure a positive and transformative experience with psilocybin.

We ship all our products in airtight, smell-proof, vacuum-sealed packages.  Shipping to major centres takes 1-3 business days and rural locations 3-5 business days.


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